Get To Know FAAST

Posted on June 08, 2018

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Organization Figthing Human Trafficking

Each month, Simply Earth features an organization that has the same advocacy as us - fighting human trafficking. For October, we are helping out Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAAST). To know more about them, Kelly Leary tells us what they do best, what their challenges are and how we can be more involved. 

What does your organization do best:

FAAST is best at collaboration and partnership. That is the basis of our organization, bringing together faith-based anti-trafficking organizations to collaborate on new projects, educational material and curriculum. While our members are faith-based, we do not limit our collaboration and partnership to only faith-based organizations. Our Affiliate partnership allows for any individual, organization or church to partner and collaborate with us regardless of faith. We strongly believe that organizations working together is the best way to end human trafficking.

What is the hardest part of what you do:

Collaboration. Yes, that is also our strength but it is hard. People working together is not easy. We are a diverse group and not everyone always gets along or wants to share resources and ideas. Getting the group to decide on something can be difficult. It also takes our group longer to produce a resource than if one person or organization was making that exact same resource.

But what we have found is that if one person writes a curriculum vs. a collaboration, it will get done faster but it will not be a good. A group brings diverse perspectives and experience. Anything done as a collaboration is going to be stronger and will stand the test of time and best practice.

How can people get involved:

We have several ways that people can get involved. First, they can follow us on Facebook at @FAASTInternational or Twitter at @FAASTIntl and sign up for our bi-monthly connector email at Our website has a variety of resources from Bible Studies to prayer guides to toolkits including movie guides and how to host a chocolate party that anyone can download and use. We encourage people to educate their family, friends, and community by one of these methods.

Also, we encourage people, churches, and organizations to become an Affiliate of FAAST. Affiliation is $100 annually and it comes with a variety of benefits including 50% off on our electronic resources, access to our learning calls and invitations to our various events, including special networking events. Finally, we invite any faith-based organization to apply to be a member of FAAST. Applications for Affiliates and Membership can be found at

This October, we're sharing 13% of our profits with FAAST. Let's help them fight human trafficking together. Shop at Simply Earth and you can be a world changer too.