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Freedom Cry: Simply Earth's Organization of the Month for June

By Sam Cabrera

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Freedom Cry

Get to Know Freedom Cry

Freedom Cry first started in 2014. They formed the Anti-Trafficking Coalition in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. They are a faith-based nonprofit organization that fights human trafficking through a strong partnership with the community and breaking the cycle of trafficking through prevention and support.

In 2015, they started making hope bags for rescued victims. These bags contain the necessities like some toiletries and a few pieces of clothes. Later on, they began to have a board of directors and changed their name to Freedom Cry, Inc.

Sadly, 80% of trafficking in the state of Wisconsin is sex trafficking. To prevent this number from rising, Freedom Cry provides awareness through presentations showed in schools, churches, and various community events. They are strong advocates of giving appropriate sentences to traffickers.

In the future, they want to provide comfort and care to the survivors from being rescued all the way to being placed in a safe shelter. God-willing, they hope to provide home and for the victims to receive proper counseling and care.

According to Jenny Veldkamp, a member of Freedom Cry’s board, the hardest part is when they need to interact with the survivors and hear their stories. They would feel and see their trauma. More often than not, they are unable to help because of restrictions and other constraints.

To be involved and a partner of change, Jenny says that the best way to raise awareness about human trafficking is through social networks, friends, family, and neighbors. She also urges others to like and follow their Facebook page and sign up for their newsletter to know more about how human trafficking works. They want to build a Survivor Home in their county and are also looking for donations for their Restoration bags for the survivors they help.

This month, we’re sharing 13% of our profits to Freedom Cry. To get to know them more and be updated, visit their Facebook page and website.






By Sam Cabrera

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