Four Essential Oils You Need That Really Clean

Posted on June 08, 2018

clean and fresh essential oil blend

Four Essential Oils You Need That Really Clean

Essential oils are becoming widely popular in cleaning, particularly because they are much safer than most chemically based cleaners. Simply Earth has created a special blend for cleaning - Clean and Fresh! This blend of four essential oils - fir needle, neroli, lemon, and grapefruit - fights bacteria, eliminates odors, and has a very clean, uplifting scent that will refresh even the messiest home. Let’s get to know the essential oils used in this blend, and why they are so effective!

Fir Needle

Fir needle is commonly used to treat respiratory illness and infection, namely coughs, congestion, and muscle aches. Fir needle also has powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, as well as the ability to fight and eliminate odors effectively. It has a cool, unique forest-like scent, that has been said to have a very calming effect on the mood. Destress while you clean!


With a very strong, citrus scent that wipes out strong, unpleasant odors, lemon essential oil is commonly used in cleaning. From furniture polish to floor cleaner, use lemon essential oil to fight odors and add shine to your home! Lemon oil is also effective at removing stains, so add a few drops to your favorite floor cleaner or homemade laundry detergent to boost effectiveness! Caution: cold pressed lemon oil is phototoxic, so be sure not to get it on your hands! If you do, avoid direct sunlight for 18 hours after exposure.

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Cleaning with grapefruit essential oil can be an invigorating experience. With powerful antimicrobial properties and a beautifully strong citrus scent, grapefruit essential oil is a pleasant and powerful addition to your household cleaning routine. Add grapefruit when you’re feeling stressed, tense, or just want your home to smell beautiful.


This subtle citrusy, floral essential oil may smell a little milder, but it delivers a fatal blow to most bacteria! While deodorizing, the disinfecting properties of neroli are what makes this up and coming oil so great. Neroli makes a great addition to our blend because of this, and it blends so beautifully with the other oils in this blend to create a scent that is, well, clean and fresh!

Clean and Fresh essential oil blend is made of 100% pure essential oils - no additives, preservatives, or diluters. Use this essential oil to enhance the deodorizing, antimicrobial, and overall cleansing power of your homemade cleaners and detergents.

clean and fresh