Five Skincare Resolutions Worth Keeping

Posted on December 11, 2018

I’ll be first to admit that there have been days where I just ditch my skincare routine from laziness or fatigue and go straight to bed. Sure, this has gone fairly unnoticeable back when I was younger but now that i’m aging and stressing more and more, every little flaw that pops out becomes immensely noticeable! That’s why for this 2019, I’m dedicating 5 resolutions to my skin-- and if you’re guilty of some of these then you should start too.

1. Cleanse your skin correctly!

I’ve had countless nights where I am just exhausted out of my mind and I just want nothing but to plop on the bed and knock out-- well, 2019 is the year I say bye to that! Forgoing my skincare routine leaving a day’s worth of gunk on my face can clog and congest the skin, leading to having a dull and dry complexion. I at least try to keep a pack of face cleansing wipes (the moisturizing kind) right by my bed.

On nights where I do my routine religiously, I always make it a point to avoid over washing. I have combination skin and when I wash it more than twice a day I feel it get all flaky and dry. I’ve also made the mistake of exfoliating every day, thinking that this would actually do good for my skin. Sure, exfoliating is good because it gets rid of all the dead skin cells but doing this once a week would be enough. You can opt for scrubs that can both exfoliate AND moisturize at the same time, plus these scrubs are all made with all-natural ingredients.

Coffee Sugar Scrub

  1. Stir to mix well. Use as a last step in the shower to exfoliate the skin and smooth its appearance, and use a spoon to scoop out.
  2. Gently massage 1 tablespoon at a time over the entire body.
  3. Rinse and blot skin dry to seal in moisture; revel in the aroma left on your skin and start your day with a boost.
  4. Tip: Avoid getting the mixture wet to prevent contamination.

Sugar Scrub

  1. Add all ingredients together. Stir to mix well. 
  2. Use as a last step in the shower on wet skin to exfoliate the skin and smooth the feel and appearance; gently massage 1 tablespoon at a time over the entire body.
  3. Rinse and blot skin dry to seal in moisture; revel in the aroma left on your skin.

2. Don’t underestimate the power of a good moisturizer!

A friend of mine stayed away from moisturizing because of her fear of having greasy skin, granted that her skin type is on the oily side. This is a huge mistake because moisturizing can actually help keep your skin looking youthful and radiant. You can avoid various skin problems through moisturizing because this can help your skin maintain its balance. Keeping it moisturized can also make your skin stay young, because of its ability to repair the cells.

Washing and exfoliating, especially with hot water, can also strip away the good oils and moisture in your skin. If you worry about oily skin, you can opt for serums and light creams instead. For evening moisturizing or during the winter time when my skin gets horribly dry, I go for oils. Here are a few recipes that are chemical-free and would work great for moisturizing and skin firming, depending on what you need for the day!

Dry Skin Oil

Mix and shake well. Apply a small amount on to your finger to affected area with gentle strokes.

Skin Firming Serum


  1. Just add all the ingredients into a mason jar.
  2. Shake vigorously to make sure all the ingredients are combined well.
  3. You want to use this on skin that is still damp. It helps to make the oil go further and will help to make it easier to spread it across your body. The dampness on the skin will also help with soaking the oil into your skin and leave it to feel fresh and ready for the day.
  4. Make sure you massage the oil into your skin. This helps with the toning process. When you massage the skin, you improve the blood flow to the areas, and that means the collagen is produced better. You'll find you have fewer stretch marks and find that your skin is left with a rosy glow at the same time.

3. Want a tan? Don't forget the SPF!

We all know that Vitamin D is needed for a healthy you, but too much of anything can’t be good! It can lead to dry skin and even melanoma. The sun can have a photoaging effect on the skin which can give you thick and leathery skin with discoloration. This leads to lines, sagging, and wrinkles! Always choose a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF.

I try to slather it on every day, even when I’m just driving my car or going on errands.
I’ve made this special homemade sunscreen for me and my family that is completely safe from chemicals and smells good too.

DIY All-Natural Sunscreen

How to make it:

  1. Combine ingredients minus the zinc oxide in a pint-sized or larger glass jar.
  2. Fill a medium saucepan with a couple inches of water and place over medium heat.
  3. Place jar (with lid loose or without lid) in a pan of water.
  4. As water heats and ingredients melt stir occasionally to incorporate.
  5. When ingredients are completely melted add zinc oxide, stir well, and pour into jar for storage.
  6. Stir a few times as mixture cools to make sure zinc oxide is incorporated. Store at room temperature
  7. Apply where sun protection is needed and reapply after sweating or swimming.

4. Leave your skin alone

When life gives you pimples, DON’T POP IT. I used to pick at my skin whenever I’d have blemishes just to scratch the itch, but eventually realized how bad this habit actually is! Popping pimples result in open wounds, and with the dirt already existent on your face and hands, it can lead to even worse results and the pimple that you initially had will seem minuscule beside it! Popping pimples and blemishes usually lead to discoloration and scarring. Apply something like this DIY Blemish Buster that you can easily make at home!

DIY Blemish Buster 

To use, mix well and apply as needed to affected areas

Try your best to avoid picking at your scabs and pimples, but if you still end up unconsciously do it, take the necessary steps to ensure that it heals properly. I always put the Farewell Scars! Essential Oil Blend on both old and new scars to ensure that my skin heals properly!

5. Take care of yourself, and your skin will follow.

Taking care of your skin but ignoring the rest of your health is not the way to go. To ensure the best outcome for your skin’s health, always try to stay healthy. I read somewhere that whatever is going on underneath the surface of your skin shows in the outside. Exercising and keeping fit is always great for your skin-- who needs highlighter when you’re glistening with sweat, am I right? What you eat also affects your skin greatly!

Generally, all good fats including those from fish rich in omega-3, from avocados, nuts, and seeds are good for your skin’s moisture and elasticity. Orange foods are rich in beta-carotene because of its ability to act as a natural sunblock, and can even give you a glowing color! Other foods like broccoli and tomatoes are work wonders for the skin, which is why keeping your plate colorful will make you sing praises when it comes to your skin.

It's never too late to start giving yourself more love. These are five New Year's resolutions that are super easy to follow through. Share it with your friends and family - accountability helps!