Everything You Need to Know About Fractionated Coconut Oil

There are endless ways to use essential oils. We can blend different oils to make unique scents with various aromatic benefits, we can diffuse oils in the air, we can add oils to different homemade products... They’re so versatile! Whether you’re making a roll-on blend, a hydrating body cream or moisturizing hand soap, something that you can find in almost every essential oil user’s kit is fractionated coconut oil. Never heard of it? Here’s a quick run down on Simply Earth's fractionated coconut oil.

What is fractionated coconut oil?

Fractionated coconut oil is a clear, odorless, non-greasy form of coconut oil called a “carrier oil”. Carrier oils are often used in essential oil recipes especially if the essential oils will come in contact with your skin. It absorbs quickly to nourish, moisturize and soften the skin. Some people consider fractionated coconut oil as “liquid coconut oil” because it remains a liquid at room temperature.

How is fractionated coconut oil made?

Fractionated coconut oil is made by expressing the oil from the coconut, processing with heat, and separating it to get a fraction of the total coconut oil. This process removes the long-chain fatty acids, which makes the oil stay liquid at room temperature. It also extends the shelf life.

Why is fractionated coconut oil important for essential oil use?

There are very few oils that should be directly applied to skin.Most oils need to be diluted before application to the skin because they’re extremely potent. While oils are great for our health, we don’t want to put ourselves at risk for toxicity or build up of essential oils in our bodies. Take a look at this dilution chart to see the proper ratio of essential oil to fractionated coconut oil. Here's an example of how to read the chart: for a 1% dilution of essential oil in a 5 mL of fractionated coconut oil you would need one drop; for a 2% dilution in a 5 mL of fractionated coconut oil your would need two drops. 

EO dilution chart

How do you use fractionated coconut oil?

The possibilities are endless. The most common way to use fractionated coconut oil is to use it to dilute essential oils, whether it’s mixed and directly applied to the skin or made into a roller bottle blend. Other uses for fractionated coconut oil: hair conditioner, massage oil, makeup remover, and skin moisturizer. It can also be used in the home as a cleaner and polish.

Coconut Oil discount

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