Essential Oil Recipes for a Calm and Relaxed Mood

Serenity Roll On 1

There are some days where I just wanna lay in bed and hibernate to avoid socializing-- not because of people, but because my hot-headedness can just get the better of me sometimes and I feel like it would be much better for everyone if I just hide! But alas, responsibilities are unavoidable while my temperament remains the same.

Believe me when I say that I’ve (probably) tried everything possible. Sure, meditating helps sometimes, but I just have days where all my troubles are too hard to ‘ohm’ and ‘ahhh’ away. I used to eat my feelings away but that, as predicted, never turns out well--I have the pounds to prove it.

Lucky for me I have the next best thing. What else can you ask for when you already have peace in a bottle? It smells delicious without the calories, and it instantly makes me feel like I’m at peace with the universe. Try it and see for yourself. This easy roller recipe has helped me, and I hope it does the same for you!

Serenity Now Roller Bottle



Add 3 drops of Ylang-ylang Essential Oil in a 10 mL roller bottle. 

Serenity Roll On Blend 2

Next, add 1 drop of Sage Essential Oil.

Serenity Roll On Blend

Then, a drop of Mandarin Essential Oil.

Serenity Roll On Blend 4

Fill the rest of the way with a carrier oil.

Serenity Roll On Blend 5

Roll on behind ears for instant serenity. 

And there you have it. An oasis of serenity in a roller bottle. Well, I hope you actually WON’T feel the need for it because I wouldn’t want you to have a bad day but either way, who wouldn’t want an already peaceful day to become even more peaceful? Who would have thought a few inexpensive ingredients would be the key to a calm day. If everyone in the world had this recipe, we’d probably have instant world peace--  so go on, roll away!

Katie Veldkamp
Katie Veldkamp

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