Simply Earth Save $2000 Use Dryer Balls

Save over $2000 in lifetime savings with dryer balls!

You saw that right, over $2,000. How does that work? Well, here's the breakdown. 

  • $0.35 a load
  • 24 loads a month
  • 12 months a year
  • About $100 a year to dry you clothes
  • Which adds up to $8000 over your lifetime on drying clothes. 

Dryer balls decrease drying time by about 30%. That means you save $2,419.20. A nice chunk of change (for a whole lot of lattes, in my case :)). 

Simply Earth helps make this savings possible. Buy our natural wool pack of 6 XL large dryer balls are only $16.95 here .

Bonus: Rid Yourself of Chemical Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are full of chemical toxins. By cutting out dryer sheets and using dryer balls you are creating a safer, more natural home.

And Booyah! Add Essential Oils

Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your dryer balls and give your clothes that fresh natural scent you crave.

Lee Veldkamp
Lee Veldkamp