DIY Soap Recipe: Mandarin Melt and Pour Loofah Soap

DIY Mandarin Soap

My uncle has always been into DIY for as long as I remember (especially when it comes to household products) and I actually understand why he likes it! It’s fun, it keeps you busy, you get to use natural ingredients, you actually know what really goes into your products, and you get to save your money instead of spending it on store-bought chemical-riddled goods.

I get so excited thinking about all the DIY things that I have yet to indulge in, and this recipe is by far one of the easiest ones to make! This proved to be especially useful for me because I have unbelievably dry knuckles. Sure, everyone has their own way of keeping their hands soft and smooth, but this solves all my dry-knuckle woes! Mandarin Essential Oil keeps my hands smelling fresh and citrusy while at the same time providing me with countless benefits.

Mandarin Essential Oil is known for its antibacterial properties which makes it an ideal ingredient for soap as it protects the skin, and even wounds, from bacterial, fungal and viral infections. It also has a handful of skin benefits such as keeping the moisture of your skin balanced and diminishing the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and even acne pigmentation. The loofa not only helps exfoliate the skin but then this recipe’s not-so-secret ingredient just makes this soap a hundred times better!

Mandarin Melt-and-Pour Loofah Soap


Place loofah slice into a silicone mold.

Mandarin Soap

Place soap base into microwave-safe bowl or pyrex.

Mandarin Soap 2

Microwave soap base in 15-second intervals, stirring in between until completely melted.

Mandarin Soap 3

Stir in 15 drops of Mandarin Essential Oil.

Mandarin Essential Oil Recipe
Pour into the mold.

Mandarin Soap 5
Let soap harden in the mold for 12-24 hours before unmolding.

Mandarin Soap 6

Wrap in saran wrap, secure with a label, and give as a fun gift.

Mandarin Soap 6

Enjoy exfoliating while washing your hands!

Mandarin Melt and Pour Soap

Wasn’t that easy and fun? The silicone molds make everything extra creative too. You can keep one anywhere in your house and it could immediately make things more personal, even when given as a gift. It smells great and it has tons of benefits. Give this as a gift and your friends would REALLY know that you care for them--and their dry hands! What’s your personal favorite recipe using Mandarin Essential Oil?

Katie Veldkamp
Katie Veldkamp

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