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DIY Lavender Linen Spray

There’s something so comforting about freshly scented sheets, towels and pillows. Whenever there’s a light, refreshing aroma resting on my pillowcase, I’m always reminded of a nice hotel, a spa, and even a relaxing yoga class!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could always have a light, refreshing scent on our linens? With this simple DIY linen mist, you can always have freshly scented sheets and blankets!

DIY Lavender Linen Spray Recipe


  • A 2 oz. spray bottle
  • About 2 oz. witch hazel
  • Lavender essential oil


Remove the cap from the spray bottle. Add 15 drops of lavender oil and top off with witch hazel. Re-cap the spray bottle and shake! Your lavender linen mist is ready to use!

Enjoy your freshly scented home!

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