DIY Essential Oil Roll On For Clarifying

Posted on June 18, 2018

Clarifying Roll On

This month we've been looking at ways to make vacations more natural. If you're wondering how a clarifying roll on fits into this, read on.

A few years ago, our family was visiting Disney Land. There was a family near us with kids fighting. The mother yelled, "You can't act like this, this a magical place!" How many of you can relate? 

Vacations are a wonderful time to spend time with family, discover new places, and make new memories. But once in a while, vacations can get a bit havoc - exhausted children, confusion of being in a new place, and other little things can lead to breaking down. 

Don't let those moments ruin your vacation. Instead, try our Clarifying Roll On! It'll help you stay calm and take a step back to realize what's important, keeping the magic alive :). 

Clarifying Essential Oil Roll On Step 1Here's the recipe. 

Clarifying Roll On



In a roller bottle, add 1 DROP each of Spearmint, Eucalyptus, and Lemongrass. 

Clarifying Essential Oil Roll On Step 3

 Top it off with 10 mL of Almond Oil.

Clarifying Essential Oil Roll On Step 5Snap the roller ball and cap into place and roll the whole bottle between your palms to mix the oils together.

Clarifying Essential Oil Roll On RecipeTo use, apply the roll-on blend on your wrists and behind your ears. In just a few whiffs, you’ll feel more clear and clarified to go tackle another vacation day!

Keep the magic alive in your next vacation with the Clarifying Roll On. Let us know how your vacation goes and tag us with #simplyearth on your social media!