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Diffusers get dirty. Here’s how to clean them

By Katie Veldkamp

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Diffusers get dirty.

What? My diffuser gets dirty?

It’s true! No matter how clean we keep our houses, things tend to get grubby over time. Your essential oil diffuser is no exception.

Here are some signs and thoughts you might be having that are really your diffuser saying “clean me!”

  • Not diffusing as effectively - “I thought this scent filled the room more last time, where did my field of Lavender go?”
  • Not spewing as much mist - “My diffuser used to practically be Old Faithful, what’s going on?”
  • Suddenly getting louder - “Is my diffuser pretending to be a vacuum?”
  • Making a grinding noise - “I think my diffuser may want to eat me.”
  • It’s just grubby inside - “I didn’t intend to turn my diffuser into a complex ecosystem.”

But not to worry! Cleaning your diffuser is fast and simple, and will keep your home more natural.

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Clean it up, we want the company impressed! (Can you name that Disney tune?)

Step 1. Fill your diffuser reservoir half full with water. Add a ½ teaspoon of white vinegar and allow the diffuser to run 5-10 minutes. This will loosen up the build-up inside your diffuser.

Step 2. Stop and unplug your diffuser then carefully empty out the reservoir (getting the bottom and motor area of your diffuser wet can ruin it). Then wipe it out with a soft cloth, q-tip or small brush. Be careful of the sensor. Dirty sensors are a common culprit of diffuser struggles. If you need to cut through extra grime, just add a drop of lemon essential oil to your brush and wipe it away.

Step 3. Use a cloth or paper towel to wipe around the outside of your diffuser to make it look brand new. If you need extra help getting of the smudges use a water/white vinegar mixture as you wipe. Be careful not to get the bottom of your diffuser wet, because again, this could ruin your diffuser.

clean your diffuser

Other things you might want to note.

  • This cleaning method is to be used with diffusers that use water, not atomizing diffusers.
  • Cleaning your diffuser means purer diffusing to keep your home more natural

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By Katie Veldkamp

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