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Children of the Night

While Lois Lee was working on her PhD, she worked on challenging and researching police reports filed against prostitutes. During this process she received a call concerning a woman who had met a man at a park for prostitution purposes. The man had no address and was not answering his phone. Lois contacted the police and went to the department herself in seeking aid for this woman. 

The next day the woman was found as the Hillside Strangler's latest victim. Outraged, Lois went on TV, asking for anyone involved in prostitution who didn't want to call the police to call her if they had any information on who the Hillside Strangler may be. Lois received thousands of calls, eventually leading to the arrest and prosecution of the Hillside Stranglers.

Lois's work didn't end there. Some of the calls she received (and continued to receive) were from children who had no one else to contact. She invited those children into her apartment, giving shelter to 250 child victims for the next three years. From these actions, Children of the Night was created.

This amazing story is only a glimpse into the work Dr. Lois Lee has done in the aid of human trafficking victims. She has pioneered laws declaring children aged 11-17 to be victims of prostitution rather than criminals and juvenile courts transfer these victims to shelters rather than delinquent halls.

Since 1992, Children of the Night has become a licensed shelter offering a home for 24 American human trafficking victims aged 11-17 with an onsite school, case management, recreational opportunities, and a chance for these kids to experience childhood. 5 students each year are placed in colleges and have gone on to be lawyers, teachers, and other professions.

Children of the Night is considered the front runner in human trafficking rehabilitation and has served as a model to organizations around the world. They also service a 24 hour hotline for human trafficking victims which has helped them rescue over 10,000 victims since 2009. To read more about why they specialize in treating American children and why they do what they do visit their website by clicking here. Shop Simply Earth today in the month of February to help Children of the Night continue to change the status quo regarding human trafficking.


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Katie Veldkamp

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