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Bay Laurel Leaf Essential Oil Infographic

bay leaf essential oil

Bay (Laurel Leaf) Essential Oil 

Bay (Laurel Leaf) essential oil (Laurus nobilis) is a sweet yet spicy oil that really packs a punch. 

It has some slight medicinal notes and blends well with Eucalyptus, Pine, Juniper, Lavender and other citrus and spice oils.

Bay (Laurel Leaf) essential oil has been used throughout history to treat digestive issues such as loss of appetite and flatulence. It is also helpful for colds, coughs and flu-like symptoms. 

Steam distilled from fresh Bay leaves, Bay (Laurel Leaf) essential oil originates from Crete and is extensively cultivated in the Mediterranean regions. 

Because it is spicy and composed of large amounts of Cineol, dilute to 0.5% when using topically, unless you have sensitive or damaged skin, then avoid using altogether. Avoid during pregnancy. Use caution with children.


bay laurel leaf essential oil infographic

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