basil sweet essential oil uses and benefits

Basil Sweet Essential Oil – Uses & Benefits

Basil sweet essential oil is one of the  eco-friendly products you can find here on Simply Earth. It is 100% pure, no additives, undiluted. You can be sure of the highest quality because all our oils have been tested.The sweet basil plant is not only famous as food ingredient worldwide; its essential oil is also helpful in maintaining overall wellness. The supreme quality makes it ideal oil in aromatherapy. Check out theGC/MS (Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer) report about basil sweet is on this  page.


Sweet basil got its name from ‘Basileus’ – a Greek word for ‘king’. That’s why until today it is considered as the king of herbs. Basil has long been used in ‘Ayurvedic’ treatment - a  holistic body healing which was first practiced in Ancient India. This was achieved by having a fragile synchronization of the whole body, mind, and spirit using basil sweet plant and essential oil. Traditionally, the leaves were also used as an herb strewn to remove unpleasant odors around and ingredient to make their dishes more flavorful.

It is said to be native to India where this annual plant has been used since 3000 Before the Common Era (BCE). This sums up to more than 5,000 years today! Basil eventually spread across the globe because of its popularity as spice greatly improving flavors of foods. Basil is difficult to grow in countries with annual snowfall, but it is possible to grow indoors away from frost.

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Plant Description

Basil belongs tothe enormous Lamiaceae family of mints. Basil plants exist in different varieties. The one used in our essential oil issweet basil from India. Basil is a small shrub that grows from 30 - 130 cm. tall, with leaves in a lighter shade of green. The leaves taste and smell pleasant when fresh; the aroma becomes spicy-earthy when dried.

Basil grows best in tropical and dry climate conditions. It loves direct sunlight and needs enough watering to keep the soil moist. It can also be cultivated in pots or containers in your garden. Sweet basil essential oil from the leaves and stems are extracted by steam distillation.


Sweet basil essential oilhas a sweet relaxing aroma, spicy fresh, lightly balsamic, woody and herbaceous. It blends well with Bergamot, Citronella, Frankincense, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Rosemary, Sweet Orange, Clove-Leaf, Mandarin, Juniper, Hyssop and some more. The essential oil from sweet basil is thin, colorless or clear light-yellow. It is widely used in perfumery for its tenacious sweet and woody scent. The fresh leaves have a sharp penetrating sweet aroma and the taste is likely similar to star anise.

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6 Common Uses of Basil Sweet Essential Oil

  • Oral Application: Basil is an important ingredient in oral hygiene products like mouthwash and cream for its fresh herbaceous scent and sweet taste.
  • Relaxing Oil: Users of this oil have proven its ability to clear the mind and relax the body; useful when you are suffering from fatigue, stress, and anxiety. After a long day at work, this could be a help to relax.
  • Perfumery & Fragrances: Splash - The Basil 2008 Marc Jacobs (for men and women), Tsunami Axe (for men), Olivier Strelli Avon (for men) and L'Homme Yves Saint Laurent (for men) are only a few of the leading brands using basil sweet essential oil. You can also blend it with other essential oils to come up with your own fragrance.
  • Insecticide: Basil has been used thousands of years ago in India and today around the world as a repellent for its insecticidal power to keep mosquitos, flies and other insects away.
  • In aromatherapy, it is used to treat nasal congestion, anxiety, fatigue, hair loss, bronchitis, headache, muscle pain, nausea, sinusitis, body odor and for maintaining healthy skin.
  • Food! Although we are talking of basil sweet essential oil, we cannot disregard the important roles of its leaves. Fresh salads taste less flavorful without it. We all love Italian pasta and pesto – don’t we? Many Indian recipes also taste delicious with basil leaves. The oil is also used in tomato ketchup, tomato paste, spiced sausages & meat. Sweet basil’s flowers & stemsare not used in cooking. Only the leaves (fresh or dried) provide the flavor and taste to recipes.

Top 6 Benefits Derived From Basil Sweet Essential Oil

  1. Antioxidant:It arrests oxidation that produces free radicals which may cause damage to body cells. Basil sweet essential oil can help protect the body from damage because it is a safe and effective source of antioxidant.
  2.  Anti-bacterial: Basil sweet essential oil executes a strong anti-bacterial effect against bacterial diseases caused by environmental threats.
  3. Anti-inflammatory: For people suffering from inflamed arthritis – this is perfect for you! If you are having an episode where both knees and ankles were swollen, applying this essential oil surely will improve cartilage and joint function.
  4. Remedy for the Heart:  Sweet basil essential oil helps improve the wellness of the heart. It also helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range. 
  5. Respiratory Relief: This essential oil is one of the best oils in improving the health of the respiratory system. Certain cough syrups use basil as an expectorant. It can help mobilize phlegm that sticks in the bronchial passages in asthma and bronchitis conditions by inhaling it from a vaporizer or diffuser.
  6. Pain Reliever: Applying basil sweet essential oil’s uplifting fragrance helps relieve head tension. It helps support the immune system. 

Fun with Basil Sweet Essential Oil - Discover Other Simple Uses

One time I was with my family in a beach resort. I couldn’t ignore the fun of taking a plunge into the saltwater with them. The result was not so good for my long hair. It felt so dry and unmanageable even after shampoo and conditioner. At home, I took my mother’s sweet basil oil and added a few drops to about one gallon of lukewarm ‘mineral’ water. I used it as the final rinse and let it stay on my hair, massaging for a few minutes. It was fun because I was just trying if it would work and it did! It gave a new kind of touch and shine to my hair!

Simply Earth essential oil reminders

Some Reminders

  • Always keep essential oil bottles’ lid tightly closed. Oxidation can reduce the oil quality.
  • Some essential oils are flammable including orange, peppermint, fir, and more. That’s why shipment by plane is not possible. Store them away from gas stoves and other flames, electric outlets, and other spark-causing lines.
  • If your essential oil makes contact with your eyes, don’t rinse it with water. Instead, use a carrier oil to get relief. The essential oil would mix with carrier oil then out of the affected eye; but not with water.
  • Horses love calming essential oils; keep them out of reach because they can pick up a bottle into their mouth and might swallow the entire volume.


It is generally safe to consume thisall-natural sweet basil oil and herb in minimal amounts as ingredients in foods. But, take note that excessive intake may bring about uncomfortable conditions such as a headache, heavy sweating, or dizziness. Pregnant women, very young children and those with extremely sensitive skin are advised to refrain from using any essential oil without knowing if it would cause any adverse reaction to you.


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Please note: This post is a compilation of suggestions made by those that have extensively used essential oils and has not been verified scientifically with clinical tests nor reviewed by medical experts. It is anecdotal information and should be treated as such. For serious medical concerns, please consult your doctor.

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