All Natural Insect Repellent - Goodbye DEET!

Posted on June 08, 2018

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For a couple of summers during college I worked at a summer camp aimed towards giving inner city children experiences in the outdoors. Many of our campers came to us through social workers. My summers at this camp brought a lot of joys and challenges. You never knew what a camp session might bring.

At the start of each camp session, we would collect the camper's bug sprays and sun screen and lock it up for safe keeping between uses. One week a camper brought their bug spray in a mason jar, covered with saran wrap. The camper didn't know what it was, just that their grandmother gave it to them. I would guess someone had some DDT left over from the 60's and missed the whole DDT ban in 1973.

All Natural Insect Repellent

Goodbye, DEET!

We've come a long way in the ingredients put into our products, but we've still got a long way to go. When I'm at the store looking for bug spray I usually buy something with DEET, because even if I don't know exactly what DEET is, I know that it will work and save my husband from a panic attack (read the story here). But there's got to be better options right? When looking up what DEET actually is, here is the gist of what I found.

DEET is generally safe when used in small amounts (less than 30% concentration) and only used on skin (source). However, it is not recommended for kids - DEET used on children should be only done in small amounts for risk of seizures and long exposure can lead to seizures, and ingestion can lead to severe reactions (source). Other articles I read confirmed these ideas. So there's got to be another option, right? We didn't find very many, so we made our own!

Our solution is safe to leave around your children and spray on infants. We've come up with an all natural replacement for your bug spray - and it works! My husband performed the first test on himself, spraying it on only one arm, and sitting in his brother's mosquito haven. He didn't last long without spraying his other arm (I opted out of being a part of this test). The results were great! Not only was he not bothered by mosquitoes, he actually smelled good (the beauty of essential oils).

Since my husband's test, I (and others) have also tried the product and can to attest to its effectiveness. Besides how well it works, I love how it doesn't feel like I'm being overtaken by a poisonous gas (like when someone has sprayed you from head to toe and you have to escape the cloud for air).

We love people, we love the Earth, and we're all about giving people safer options and better products to use that benefit both. That's why our product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So check it out :)