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Tips for a great smelling homeGrowing up I always had that one friend whose house wreaked. I would dread opening her front door to be hit with a wave of odor. Her house wasn't the only place the smell would overwhelm me, it traveled on her clothes everywhere she went. She was a wonderful friend, but the smell was not so wonderful.


We do not want to be the family with the stinky house. This is why we developed our own Natural Home Air Freshener. By using our spray and following these tips, people will think your home is the freshest smelling place on the block.

Tips to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

Tip 1

Clean your baseboards with dryer sheets for a fresh smelling home. The dryer sheet does a great job at picking up the dust and at the same time adds a great smell to the room. You can't go wrong there.

Tip 2

Cleaning your home makes it smell better. Who would have thought? Yes, it is a crazy idea to actually clean your home, but this is the key to keeping things smelling great. Having dirt and moisture leads to mold in places and bad bacteria growth, but makes sure you use natural cleaners when you do.

Tip 3

Take out that trash every few days if you don't want it to smell. The longer stinky things stay around, the more they are going to smell.

Tip 4

Use our Natural Home Air Freshener Spray. Yes, even if you follow our other tips, smells will still come and go. Instead of using chemical sprays or things that simply mask the smell, use our air freshener all around your home to make it a safe haven.

Tip 5

Keep your windows open as much as possible to let fresh air in. Let the scents of nature into your house along with natural air. New houses are giant zip lock bags. Air doesn't get in or out unless you let it.

Tip 6

Lay wet clothes over the laundry bin before tossing them in. If you don't let them dry out, the moisture will cause your entire bin to smell.

Tip 7

Make some baked goods tonight. Nothings smells better than some fresh cookies. It's true. Add some good smells to your home.

Tip 8

Bring the outdoors in for a fresh smelling home. Not only do plants revive the air in a room, they also reduce stress, making your house more homey and healthy.


We at Simply Earth are so confident that you will be pleased with our Natural Air Freshener that we offer a stink free guarantee: 100% satisfied or our money back. Click here to check out our product.


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