5-Stones: Raising Human Trafficking Awareness Through Education

5-Stones is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization that fights human trafficking through education, awareness, and prevention. They reach out to local communities by teaching them the dangers of human trafficking as well as the facts about it. They raise awareness through helping the people be involved in this fight.

What They Do:

As the internet can be a dangerous place, they educate middle and high school students about the possibility of being a victim of human trafficking. An educational film project for the youth is under production to make it easier for them to understand. This is just a part of their education project as they plan to do other things like create presentations to go hand-in-hand with the film. This will help the educators teach the students more about human trafficking and start discussions that will spark their interest in raising awareness about this issue that is happening all over the world. 5-Stones works with other organizations as well as their local task force and law enforcement to determine which groups they need to share their tools with. They want to be a strong source of education and awareness of human trafficking for their community.

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Their 5-Stones:

  • Awareness:  educate the general public’s understanding of human trafficking through various speaking and community events.

  • Education:  end demand by teaching our community the real truth behind the commercial sex industry.

  • Prevention:  provide events and educational opportunities within the community that bring awareness and leads to prevention.

  • Networking: bring together local partners who give hope to victims and survivors.

  • Collaboration:  work together with local and state agencies and organizations that fight against human trafficking.

Innocence Sold 

5-Stones recently released a short film called "Innocence Sold". You can watch it below. 

Innocence Sold from 5-stones on Vimeo.


According to Dawn Quait, a member of 5-Stones Leadership Team, their biggest challenge is only having volunteers and being dependent on donations. They also find it hard to get the information on human trafficking out. Talking about is another challenge for them as they are based in a small town. But the biggest challenge is really knowing that a victim is someone’s child. That’s why they focus on hope. They want to bring hope to those who cannot speak for themselves and those who are not free.


How to be Involved:

Human trafficking is a BIG issue that’s happening all around the world. The simple way of just talking about it is already one way of being involved. There are a lot of groups like 5-Stones that help raise awareness for the victims of this cruelty.

Learn more about 5-Stones and their efforts to educate communities about human trafficking on their websitehttp://5-stones.org/, Facebookand Twitter pages.

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