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  • Abby Sweet Tooth

Cause of the Month for April: My Refuge House

My Refuge House: Restoring Life One at a Time My Refuge House (MRH) is a home for survivors of commercial sexual exploitation and abuse. They help put the girls back on their feet with comprehensive and therapeutic care and provide an environment filled with love, as they believe it is a place to heal. Through the years, MRH has provided...

  • Jillian Johnson

Nourish and Exfoliate Skin With This DIY Body Scrub

Who doesn’t love a good, moisturizing, exfoliating body scrub? There are a lot of great body scrubs out there - but most of them cost an arm and a leg! Make this one at home using only a few ingredients and give your skin the spa day it needs! Sweet almond oil works great in this as it moisturizes skin...

  • Jillian Johnson

What You Need To Know About Sweet Almond Oil

  Almond oil is a popular carrier oil used in many different blends, but almond oil has some amazing benefits on it’s own, too! When used correctly in blending,  sweet almond oil can enhance the therapeutic benefits of your essential oil blends significantly. Let’s take a look at sweet almond oil and some ways to use it effectively. History The almond...

  • Jillian Johnson

Celebrate Spring With These Five Beautiful Diffuser Recipes

  Spring is here! The weather is warmer, flowers are blooming, and the wildlife is out and about. Springtime is also a time of renewal - hence the term “spring cleaning”. Many commercial air fresheners even have special “scents” that they roll out in time for spring. Want your house to smell like spring without the chemicals? Try these five...

  • Jillian Johnson

Stay Fresh With This DIY Deodorant Recipe!

  Bergamot essential oil is great for many things - from it’s antidepressant properties to its ability to fight microbes, it seems like you can use it for almost anything. I thought it would be an amazing addition to this homemade deodorant! Made with bergamot, lavender, and tea tree essential oils, this deodorant keeps you smelling clean and fresh, while...