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  • Katie Veldkamp

How to make this adorable DIY Christmas natural diffuser

How to make this adorable DIY Christmas natural diffuser There’s something so fun about giving out homemade gifts, they seem to add more meaning. Here’s an idea for an easy gift that’s simple to make, all natural, and will make homes smell great that comes from our November subscription box. Make it yourself or get the kiddos together to make...

  • Katie Veldkamp

How to Refresh Your Home with Your Diffuser

Being a huge Harry Potter fan, I can’t help but feel a bit like I’m creating a potion when I’m putting essential oils in my Simply Earth diffuser. But for real, I kind of am right? I’m mixing the essence of plants to create enticing scents to benefit from their aromatic properties. Then it steams up - just like magic!...

  • Katie Veldkamp

Diffusers get dirty. Here’s how to clean them

What? My diffuser gets dirty? It’s true! No matter how clean we keep our houses, things tend to get grubby over time. Your essential oil diffuser is no exception. Here are some signs and thoughts you might be having that are really your diffuser saying “clean me!” Not diffusing as effectively - “I thought this scent filled the room more...

  • Lee Veldkamp

Do Natural Wool Dryer Balls Save You Money?

Save over $2000 in lifetime savings with dryer balls! You saw that right, over $2,000. How does that work? Well, here's the breakdown.  $0.35 a load 24 loads a month 12 months a year About $100 a year to dry you clothes Which adds up to $8000 over your lifetime on drying clothes.  Dryer balls decrease drying time by about 30%. That means...

  • Lee Veldkamp

9 Toxic Reasons That Will Make You Break the Habit of Dryer Sheets

Are the chemicals in dryer sheets really that bad? Yes and yes. Being in a world full of processed stuff, we don't really know what effects they'll have on us. A prime example of this is dryer sheets. Fragrances are chemically designed to stick to your clothes so that your clothes stay smelling fresh. "Great!" you might think, "I'm going to...