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Mandarin Essential Oil - Uses & Benefits

The importance ofessential oils has been discovered in ancient years; however, the popularity of aromatherapy in recent decades have given a dramatic boost to essential oils’ significant uses - mainly to heal the body and improve health, create emotional balance and promote healthier skin. One of the friendliest essential oils used in aromatherapy is that from mandarin. If the search formandarin essential oil brings you to this wonderful fragrant blog - I hope you enjoy the journey from start to finish.


The official origin of mandarin has not been documented. Only botanical records show that mandarin plants have been cultivated in certain parts of China since ancient times. Some consider this as the basis that it must be native to China.Another source says wild orange trees were growing in Northeast India more than 3000 years back not yet being called mandarin. From India, these plants were said to be brought and grown in China for its medicinal, flavoring, perfume and cosmetic uses.

In China, the plant became more and more useful until it found its way to Europe, Australia, North America, Asia and eventually all over the world as ‘Mandarin’ – this name was conceived in China although the orange plant’s origin may be India. Early botanical experts were responsible in creating a great number of mandarin’s natural hybrids. They also initiated cultivation of different varieties which in turn seemed to add more shadow to the history of mandarin. I say it’s from China! What’s your take?  

Plant Description

An average mandarin tree grows up to 5 meters tall and may add 2 meters more with age.It comes from the Rutaceae family, with botanical name ‘Citrus Deliciosa’. The tree is covered with light gray bark. The branches and thin twigs are full of glossy green leaves. It bears small, fragrant, white flowers that are abundant on the branches. The fruits are bright orange that turn to red-orange when ripe; can be eaten, easy-to- peel and are very sweet.

Mandarin grows both wild and  cultivated in many countries. It grows well in countries with tropical to subtropical climates. Mandarin can be grown from seeds or by grafting. You can buy rooted stocks from nurseries. It can also be grown in containers; this plant loves a lot of sun exposure. The essential oil comes from the fruit peels by means of ‘cold pressed extraction’. Our pure mandarin essential oil is from Italy.


Mandarin essential oil is pure, all-natural and eco friendly product with an excellent fresh orange aroma that boosts flavors of different recipes. Its interesting sweet orange scent is also in soaps, cosmetics and perfumes. This oil is thin - golden yellow or dark orange in color. It blends well with ginger, lemon, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and other citrus oils.

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  • Skin Care: This oil works well for skin wounds and  burns. Apply this essential oil (check dilution guide) at least three times a day and it will heal quickly. It also eases the pain and reduces scaring. It also helps prevent stretch marks acquired during pregnancy. It’s good for acne and pimples too. Use it as toner if you prefer to use a natural product.
  •  Home Air Freshener/Cleaner: It’s easy and simple to freshen up your indoor air. Add a few drops of this fresh-fruity smelling essential oil to your favorite diffuser and experience its refreshing aroma. You can also add a few drops to the water used for cleaning the house. It leaves the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and other parts of the house smelling fresh and free of microbes.
  • Aromatherapy: Using mandarin essential oil in aromatherapy reduces anxiety and negative feelings. Many people have proven it effective when used before taking exams. It helps you to stay calm even under extreme pressure. It provides positive moods by fighting stress hormones. Aromatherapy cannot be effective without essential oils used as natural medicine that promises healing.
  • Perfumery & Cosmetics: Mandarin essential oil is a source of something really amazing when it comes to fragrances. Perfumes smell clean, bright and fresh with it. Check ‘London Victoria`s Secret’, ‘Perceive Soleil Avon’ and ‘Glorious Mandarin Gucci’; they all have sparkling fruity scent that makes you come alive.


  •  Antiseptic: Wounds, cuts and scratches are not a problem when you have mandarin essential oil. Reddish skin indicates that infection is about to set in the affected area. Put a drop of this oil on a piece of gauze or strip to cover the wound. It helps prevent infection by arresting bacterial, fungal or viral formation.
  • Carminative:Mandarin essential oil prevents accumulation of gas in the gastrointestinal system that causes spasms; it helps push down the gas and out of the body to fight flatulence.
  • Diuretic: You don’t have to wait for symptoms of diseases associated with difficulty in getting rid of excess water and salt from the body. We have an all-natural agent to help you - mandarin essential oil. When excess water and salt is eliminated, toxins also go. You can attain lower blood pressure and reduce the risks of kidney and liver diseases.
  • Stimulant: It stimulates and enhances appetite for you to increase food intake. This is good for those recovering from sickness, those neglecting meals in exchange for sleep or play and those with emotional issues. The aroma of mandarin stimulates a person’s instinct to eat.  Therefore, you can get enough energy to recover quickly and feel better.
  • Calming effect: It helps calm overactive children, soothes problematic digestive system, and helps people with insomnia, arthritis, stress and anxiety. Baths with mandarin essential oil can be so relaxing and calming. Applying in massage or using it in aromatherapy releases the powerful effect of this oil to calm the mind and body.

More Info: Signs to Look for in High Quality Essential Oils

  •        Packed in 100% light resistant containers to block light.
  •        Contained and capped tightly in dark glass bottles (light resistant).
  •        Label indicates ‘Extraction Method’.
  •        Label shows:  ‘100% Pure Essential Oil, No Additives/Undiluted’.

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Let Us Hear From You

Mandarin is one of the most versatile essential oils in our shelves. It can be used in aromatherapy, foods and blends, soaps, cosmetics and fragrances, and it offers a range of healing properties. It’s friendly to almost all skin types. Use it regularly to get the benefits! You can find ithere at Simply Earthalong with other carefully selected essential oils. We will be delighted to hear from you should there be any questions you’d like to ask before buying any essential oil. We have a registered aromatherapist on board - Katie Vance.


Mandarin essential oil is safe to be used for children and pregnant women as it is an ingredient included in salves for colic and creams for stretch marks. However, caution is advised; first check dilution guide or consult an essential oil expert (certified aromatherapist) before using any essential oil to infants, very young children, pregnant and nursing women. Mandarin is a citrus essential oil; therefore exposing skin to sunlight and sunbathing after application of products with this oil must be avoided.



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Please note: This post is a compilation of suggestions made by those that have extensively used essential oils and has not been verified scientifically with clinical tests nor reviewed by medical experts. It is anecdotal information and should be treated as such. For serious medical concerns, please consult your doctor.


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