Shoe Odor Spray

 Got stinky feet?

Hi my name is Katie and I've had stinky feet for 10 years. But I will have stinky feet no more!

There's a story on the label of our new product "My husband started sneaking up on me and spraying my shoes with this spray. Not only did my shoes smell better, they stopped stinking!" This is a true story. Want to know how I know? That husband is my husband. After I would get home from work (teaching), I would take my shoes off and transform my surroundings into hockey locker room. I would be nonchalantly watching TV when suddenly, out of no where, I would be sprayed with a tester of our product. This became a common phenomenon about which Lee would never warn me. 

shoe odor eliminator sprayWhile these surprise attacks kept me on my toes, they ended up making my shoes stop stinking. My mom bought me other shoe deodorizers growing up (smelly cleats anyone?) but these sprays would only cover up the smell for brief periods of time. Simply Earth's spray literally transformed the smell dynamic of my shoes (part of their proven science). I am so proud of and excited for my husband and the launch of Simply Earth's first product. It's changing lives.

We would love for you to try our product and hear how it changes your life - are you embarrassed to take your shoes off around other people, have stinky teenagers, gyms shoes you hide away? Change it by trying our product.  Don't just take my word for it, check out our reviews and read my husband's story and tricksfor keeping his feet smelling fresh.


Katie Veldkamp
Katie Veldkamp