How do you make your husband or dad feel special during Father's Day? 

I met my husband when we were in high school, and we have been inseparable (minus a few deployments) ever since. When we talked about our future together, it always involved marriage, a two-story home, and at least four children. He had always wanted to be a father, and when our first child was born, he was overjoyed - and also decided that maybe four children weren't the best idea for us, lol!

My husband is an amazing father, and he is constantly doing everything he can for all of us - except himself. On Father’s Day, the kids and I try to make the day all about him. We make him meals, gifts, and take him somewhere that he loves - usually the beach. This year, we decided to gift Dad with a DIY men’s pampering set. The recipes are super simple, and I wanted to share them with you all! If you are making these recipes with children, be sure to have them wear gloves, and use a funnel! You may find funnels with the kitchen utensils in your local department store.


father's day special

 Ultra Manly Shampoo and Body Wash

 Since body wash and shampoo are shower staples, why not combine the two into one? I decided to make a custom blend for my husband using essential oils that not only smell amazing but are good for his skin. I also added a bit of fractionated coconut oil for moisture. I love fractionated coconut oil because it is moisturizing without any added “greasy” feeling, and it is unscented, leaving you room to play with your blends!

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What You Need:



Drop your essential oils into the plastic bottle first. This is essential so that the oils mix correctly. Add two tablespoons of fractionated coconut oil next, followed by the water and castile soap. Close lid tightly, and shake to mix. This recipe should yield two 8 oz bottles of body wash/shampoo. You can also use another oil blend in the second bottle to distinguish between body wash and shampoo. Have fun with it - but be sure to use non-skin irritating oils!

Dad's Special Blend  

Cologne is yet another staple in a man’s medicine cabinet. While I usually love the cologne my husband regularly uses, I also noticed that when he holds our daughters, their skin reacts to his cologne in a not so pleasant way - usually a skin rash. My goal was to make him a cologne that smells amazing that has added benefits and doesn’t irritate the skin. I used a glass bottle for this recipe since the citrus oils can degrade the plastic in plastic spray bottles.


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What You Need:



As always, drop your essential oils into the spray bottle first to ensure proper mixing. Add witch hazel, vegetable glycerin, and water. Close tightly, and shake gently to combine.

NOTE: Bergamot and lemon essential oils are phototoxic, so be sure to cover sprayed areas with clothing.

Fresh & Clean Aftershave

My husband HATES to shave, but because of his job, he is not allowed to have a beard - thus, he must shave daily. Shaving irritates his skin and causes him a lot of grief, so I decided that I wanted to make an aftershave that both smells great and helps with the irritation. I turned this recipe into a spray to make it easier to apply and used lavender to help calm the skin and combat razor burn. Jojoba wax adds moisture without activating the oil-producing glands in the skin, and peppermint oil also helps to cool and soothe clean shaven skin without irritation.


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What You Need:

Here's Gavin helping mom out. 


Drop essential oils into a spray bottle. Put in one teaspoon jojoba wax. Add witch hazel and water. Close tightly, and shake gently to combine. Spray on after shaving for a gentle, soothing effect on the skin.

Make your husband or your dad feel extra special with these recipes. You can make them together or give them as a gift! Shop the oils and accessories here


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Jillian Johnson
Jillian Johnson