Children of the Night

Let’s end child prostitution!

You might have noticed that every month, we feature a special organization close to our hearts. We are strong advocates of ending human trafficking all over the world. We know that we cannot do it by ourselves and that we need help from our fellow human beings. This July, we are helping out Children of the Night. They are a privately funded non-profit organization who are dedicated to saving children from prostitution.

Children of the Night is open to child prostitutes all over the United States. They have a rescue hotline that is open24/7. They also provide free transportation fees to those who want to live in their home. Their staff works closely with law enforcement agencies to keep the children away from pimps.

In their home, they have an on-site school and college placement program. Once the students have finished their academic and life-skills education program, they have caseworkers to give ongoing case management to hundreds of graduates.

Their founder and president,Dr. Lois Lee, made a program that helps survivors have access to education by providing free GED assessment, tutoring, funding for the test, support for test registration and transportation during the examination day. It is called“Children of the Night Without Walls”.WOW is for those who do not have access to traditional education and social services.

The same program helps mentally ill patients who are forced out of their homes or who do not have financial resources. Caseworkers from WOW work with Social Security Administration to give the patients access to Supplemental Security Income and have medical benefits. This helps the persons with disability have residential placement, psychiatric care, psychotropic medication, transportation, and a help to access these services.

Their 24-hour hotline is 1-800-551-1300. You can get to know about this here:



 Children of the Night greatly inspires us at Simply Earth to work harder to help those victimized by human trafficking. We are sharing 13% of our profits to this wonderful organization. We are hoping that you can help us help them by shopping at our store.

Learn more about Children of the Night by visiting theirwebsite and following them onFacebook,Twitter, andInstagram.

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Sam Cabrera
Sam Cabrera