Angelica Root Essential Oil - Packed with Uses & Benefits

We’d like to go deeper with you intoangelica root essential oil’s many uses & benefits before you actually buy it. This oil has an arsenal of healing properties enveloped into it. The root of the angelica tree is the major source of essential oil through steam distillation. The oil color ranges from clear to light yellow. The seeds are also a source of clear essential oil, but we focus on the root oil in this blog post.


The angelica plant has been long cultivated as ornamental and as vegetable before the use of angelica root essential oil became popular in Scandinavia in the 12th century for its medicinal benefits and healing abilities. It was then already growing wild in Sweden, Denmark, France and Russia. During the 1660 plagues, the usefulness of angelica spread to Europe and China where the aromatic stems were chewed to stop infection and as health tonic. They also would burn the roots and seeds to purify the air.

The herbal and therapeutic properties of angelica root created a very striking history. Eventually the applications became broader as it was used in America and other parts of the world as blending oil in aromatherapy. The use was also proven effective in improving blood circulation, purifying the lymph system and reducing uric acid. The most prominent angelica root essential oil producing countries today are the UK, China, Germany, Belgium, Hungary and India.

Plant Description

The angelica plant belongs to Apiaceae family. It is a small tree that grows from 4-6 feet tall. This plant appears very ornamental with wide, pinned hairy leaves and clusters of white to greenish-white or yellow green flowers in umbrella-like form. The entire angelica plant is very aromatic or sweetly scented. It is a biennial plant that only grows its (bipinnate or tripinnate) leaves on the 1st year, with hallowed stems that can reach a height of up to 6 feet on the 2nd year.

The roots contain the active ingredients (rhizomes and furocoumarins). They cannot be eaten fresh directly from the plant; they must be processed to get the benefits they offer. They are only a source of amazing oil with so much therapeutic properties such as Diuretic, Stimulant, Tonic, Stomachic, Diaphoretic, Carminative, Digestive, Hepatic, and Expectorant to name a few. It grows wild in many European countries, but is cultivated in the largest marshland of France for commercial value.


Angelica root essential oil smells peppery, spicy, herbaceous, green earthy, musky, or slightly woody depending on how you perceive the aroma. All these adjectives apply to its scent. The spicy and musky aroma of this essential oil makes it a favorite ingredient in perfumery. Aside from perfumes it is also considered a valuable ingredient in cosmetics, lotions and soaps because of its tenacious scent. Just a little of our angelica essential oilhere goes a long, long way.

5 Common Uses of Angelica Root Essential Oil

Angelica root essential oil can be used topically, as a compress, in aromatherapy and inhalation from a vaporizer or diffuser.

  1. Indigestion: It gives relief from indigestion, upset stomach, cramps and gastritis. When applied on the painful parts of the body, it relaxes both intestinal and abdominal muscles and pushes the gas downward to pass out of the body.
  2. Respiratory support: Diffused oil in aromatherapy can help clear air passages, ease colds and cough symptoms and related congestion of the respiratory system. Inhaled angelica oil vapor helps support the lungs. It is best for chronic asthma and bronchitis.
  3. For fighting stress and anxiety: Inhaling angelica root essential oil reduces stress and anxiety as it decreases stress hormones. The same effect is acquired when the body is massaged with this oil.
  4. For detoxifying the body: Angelica essential oil helps in sweating to eliminate excess water and the salts from the body. It helps lower blood pressure, eliminate fats and reduce weight; removes uric acid and other toxins to get relief from arthritic and rheumatic pains. One drop of this oil added to carrier oil can help soothe and help in overall detoxification.
  5. For pain relief: Women suffering from monthly cycle pain can get relief by using a compress with diluted form of this oil. It is also good for headaches, fatigue, nausea, sleeplessness, fever and flu, and other body pains.  

5 Healthy Benefits That You Can Really Get

  1. Relaxant: It offers relaxation to the body, mind and nervous system. It is particularly beneficial in people suffering from hypertension, anger, depression, shock, or anxiety.
  2. Anti-spasmodic: Spasms are a symptom of cramps, diarrhea, nervousness, coughs and other pains inside the body. It involves internal organs, blood vessels, respiratory and circulatory systems. The relief from all these uncomfortable feelings can be obtained by relaxing the muscles which is the job of angelica root essential oil.
  3. Depurative: It efficiently helps purify the blood and eliminates many possible ailments associated with poor circulation. This is important to protect the heart. It speeds up detoxification that removes waste water by sweating, harmful fat, and uric acid from the body.
  4. Digestive: Having problems in digestion is very common after a sumptuous meal. For some people it just happens out of nowhere without any unusual food intake. Angelica oil comes very handy when you’re in this condition as it helps by stimulating secretion of acid and bile for proper digestion. Food smoothly moves through for absorption to take place and complete the process of digestion.  
  5. Diuretic: This may benefit those with chronic renal failure, those with conditions like obesity, gout, arthritis, rheumatism, or accumulation of excess water in the body. It enhances the elimination of water from the body through urination; urine carries excess water out to remove uric acid, salts and fat.

Have Fun Eating Angelica

You can eat parts of the angelica plant! Every part of it is useful. While roots and seeds are sources of oil, the stems or stalks can be eaten, made into sweet candies and desserts, but you have to wait until the plant is two years old. The shoots can be added to your salad recipes. There are also alcoholic products with angelica as flavoring ingredient. Examples are gins branded asVermouth and Chartreuse.


The green earthy aroma of angelica oil reminds of the quiet green forests where you can while away from stress, anxiety, depression or fear. It enables you to release negative thoughts and feelings with just a drop or so. Get a sound and peaceful sleep with angelica oil diffused or massaged under your feet. Remove those pains with thiseco-friendly product that you can buy from Simply Earth.

Safety Reminders You Shouldn’t Miss

  • If you are allergic to bees or bee sting, you must forget about applying angelica root essential oil on your skin when going out to places where you suspect the presence of bees. For example: campsites, mountains and other places with beehives. Bees are attracted to the scent of angelica.
  • Don’t expose skin to direct sunlight within 24 hours after application of any product withangelica root essential oilbecause this oil is highly photo-sensitizing. It may cause skin irritation. Avoid using to babies and during pregnancy.


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