Simply Earth Ambassador - Mekea

Meet Mekea :)

Mekea is a Simply Earth Ambassador & product reviewer extraordinaire. She did work in getting the word out about Simply Earth products and so we are so excited to get the word out about her!

Mekea, is the author of where she not only reviews products, but also gives tips on couponing, money saving apps, and gives advice on how to save all kinds of money. I am now have the shopkick app thanks to her advice :). Her gig has landed her some pretty sweet free gear - anything from crafting gear for herself to scooters for her kids - this lady knows how to score sweet stuff in exchange for her reviews. We interviewed her to find out more.

What do you look forward to most as part of the Simply Earth Ambassador program?

Hi my name is Mekea and as an Simply Earth Ambassador the thing I look forward to the most is helping to change the future one step at a time. I also look forward to the products that Simply Earth has because each item serves multiple purposes that are not just for the buyer but for the helping of changing the world one step at a time.

What are some of the things you’d like us to know about you?
The things that I feel you would like to know about me are that I love helping and showing others the great things I find in my life's adventures. This could be things from deals I find to items I receive and share my knowledge on. Essential oils are a part of that and they play a big part in my life too because I use them daily and there is so many purposes for them and with the Simply Earth ones you have a chance to help change and empower the future.

How did you originally get into reviewing products?
How I originally got into reviewing products was through a fellow couponer. It was something I always wanted to do but had not figured out all the details yet. Well she showed me and taught me the ropes and from there it grew. I became addicted because it was a great way to help others learn about products and it helped me. Again it is just another way to help others i know and for me to discover things I normally wouldn't of even considered getting in the future.

You’re an active couponer why are you so passionate about saving money?
As an active and experienced couponer it really shows how I am passionate about saving money. Not only does it help with getting items I need but it helps others too. When I can save a few cents or dollars on one item it is a rush because not only do I get what my family needs but i can stick to my budget and then treat myself with the savings or save it up for something else. Every time I go to the register and see the total before coupons I get all excited because I know it will go down and honestly the joy of watching it go down and the final price is a thrill. I love sharing it and teaching others so they can too get what they need and save save save. When they get a deal I am just as excited for them because I love helping especially the families in need.
What is your favorite part about the reviewing process?
My favorite thing about reviewing products is the receiving the items them self and using it for the first time. Sometimes it is the thrill of using an item I have wanted but never owned and finally getting to use it. Most of these items are wonderful and have changed the way I do things such as grating or slicing food with high quality slicers and then there is the essential oils which help me discover more about the world and uses of essential oils. I also enjoy telling and showing others about the item so they can consider or go through with getting the item for them self. Honestly the whole process from opening the item to using and reviewing the item is a thrill. It brings a smile to my face and others. Another major thing I enjoy about it is getting stuff for my family members that i couldn't get before and seeing them smile and so happy they got something. It warms my heart because it's like Christmas morning.
It looks like you’ve been able to get some pretty awesome products (scooter, Polaroid camera) in exchange for your honest review. What is your favorite product you have ever reviewed?
After reviewing for a while now there have been all kinds of items that I reviewed. Not all are amazing but most are great and then there is some that have been my favorite and became a regular item in my everyday life. The favorites I would have to say are my mandolin slicer and the higher end items such as a scooter, cameras and ice maker. I do enjoy and appreciate every item I have a chance to review but sharing my experience with them is the most important thing about it. This would considered my favorite thing about it.

What are your top advice for anyone wanting to join the reviewing world?
My tips and advice for anyone for anyone wanting to join the review world is to expect to start with items you might not want because they really help you open your eyes to the world of possibilities and surprising actions. I also suggest looking at my blog to see the sites to start with and the recommended requirements.

What is the strangest (or most interesting) product you have ever reviewed?
The strangest item I have ever received to review is a massager stick that looks weird to the eye. It is an item that honestly surprised me and worked great but the overall look is what threw me off. It came disassembled and that is what really got me looking. After it was assembled it still looked weird but once you know and use it its great.

On your site you give your favorite money saving apps (I downloaded the Shopkick app upon your advice). What is your favorite one and why?
In my blog you will notice a list of apps I recommend and out of all of them I have to say my favorite is Ibotta. With Ibotta you can earn money by buying certain items listed for a particular store. A great example is say you go to your local grocery store and buy eggs, milk and bread. You can use a manufacturer's coupons when purchasing them but then when you get home you can learn something about the products with Ibotta and get money back for having purchased them. So in the end you paid for the product in store but once home and you upload your receipt to Ibotta and they pay you for buying the item. Once you have so much in the account you can then cash out and feel like a couponing superstar. It is another way to save and save money.

What is the most rewarding thing about having a product review/money saving blog?
The most rewarding thing about having a money saving and review blog is being able to show others around the world my great finds and deals. It is a way to teach and show others and also hopefully inspire them. With every person that looks at my blog I hope they can take away something and apply it to their life whether it is purchasing an item they knew nothing about or another coupon deal they had no idea about. Social media is a way for me to help inspire others and teach them to help them self by saving money for the future.

There you have it! Thanks Makea for the fantastic advice - I love your open perspective to new things and your desire to share your finds with others.
Katie Veldkamp
Katie Veldkamp